Görgényi István, Radványi Tamás, Várkonyi Andrea

The language of Business Four Accounting

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This coursebook is the revised edition of an earlier series of four volumes entitled The Language of Finance and Accounting used in the College of Finance and Accountancy, Budapest Business School. The original series was primarily intended for self-study or distance learning programmes. The material was based on updated and modernised versions of two books: Görgényi-Radványi: Angol IV (Economics, Finance and Trade) and Radványi-Várkonyi: Angol V (Accounting and Information in Business) used in undergraduate programmes of the college. It took the authors-practically all the faculty of the Languages Department - two years to prepare the teaching material, which was then used for· five or six years. Now, due to several reasons, the series had to be reviewed and updated.

Moreover, the editors have regrouped the units of the earlier series so that now the four books cover four major areas such as Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Finance, and Accounting.

Each volume can be used independently.

This first volume, Accounting, covers the basic area of accounting as seen in the Table of Contents.

The general concept and the main characteristics of this new coursebook have remained the same as those of the earlier series. This course is also mean t primarily for selfstudy with very little reliance on teachers' assistance. The coursebook is organised in 12 units, designed to be studied during a 14 or 15-week semester, allowing the student some time for revision, testing, and examination. Each unit is subdivided into s, and the s into tasks to be completed. The prerequisite for this course is a working knowledge of general English which implies an overall acquaintance with grammar and a vocabulary of around 2000 words.


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